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lEGEND & lore

Icons & adventurers, myths & and the majestic.

The history of the region is a colorful narrative and an inspiration at

Bottle Bay Brewing Co.

We all pay homage in our own way by passing on the stories that make the Northwest great. Told around the campfire or bellied-up to the bar they're always paired best with good beer and good friends.

Tall tales or true stories, legendary or ordinary...

we'll pour you one and you can tell us yours.

#hopfire #wheresyourbay

mug club

the Lake Cabin
~ Taproom ~

Inspired by a staple in the Inland Northwest, our motif is one part northern Idaho dive bar, one part lake cabin and another part you and yours....



~ Marco Plastino ~

Marco's passion for craft beer can be traced back all the way to the age of three when we was known to be brewers assistant at home with his father, Dr. John Plastino, on Whidbey Island. Since then, his determination to produce balanced & bold, clear, quality craft beer have taken him on adventure that's a story worth retelling...

#hopfire #wheresyourbay
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